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Divorcing outside of the traditional format

Divorce is an emotional time for all involved. Heaping amounts of legal jargon, forms, and procedures on top of the stress can turn a trying time into a nightmare. Many people assume that appearing before a judge is the only way to have a divorce granted in Salt Lake City. Having a judge rule on issues can not only have undesirable results, but can also diminish one's ability to create a divorce or parenting plan that uniquely fits them.

Utah has created an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) system which can be used in conjunction with or in lieu of the traditional path of divorce. ADR is composed of two processes -- mediation and arbitration -- which can be engaged to settle everything from a contract dispute to a divorce settlement. By using an ADR process, the parties are allowed more control over the outcome and can work toward finding a mutually agreeable position.

Mediation is a process where both parties work with a neutral third party who is trained and certified to mediate disagreements. The parties involved in the mediation decide on the final outcome which can help dissolve any animosity and encourage a beneficial relationship between the parties.

Our firm recognizes that behind every filing, there are people whose lives will be affected. In supporting this recognition, we strive to have our clients complete the divorce process without having to set foot in a courtroom. Mediation is not only allows parties to maintain more control over the outcome of their case but it is usually a less expensive and faster way to end disputes.

Source: For more information on the mediation process, visit our Divorce overview page.

Source: For more information on the mediation process, visit our Divorce overview page.

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