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Divorcing outside of the traditional format

Divorce is an emotional time for all involved. Heaping amounts of legal jargon, forms, and procedures on top of the stress can turn a trying time into a nightmare. Many people assume that appearing before a judge is the only way to have a divorce granted in Salt Lake City. Having a judge rule on issues can not only have undesirable results, but can also diminish one's ability to create a divorce or parenting plan that uniquely fits them.

When can child support be modified?

Child support can be a flash-point in any relationship involving children. Although it may be a stressful process, part of what does make the child support system work is its flexibility and the ability to support amounts as a parent's situation changes. However, knowing when and how to seek modification of child support can be a confusing matter for many parents.

Understanding the process of a Utah divorce

When a couple divorces in Utah, there are many issues that must be dealt with to the satisfaction of both parties. Given the nature of a split and what led to it in the first place, it's exceedingly unlikely that both spouses will agree on all of the divorce legal issues. However, the state has laws in place and informative sources designed to help people in the midst of a divorce navigate the process as much as possible.

Family law: from state court to federal and back again

Utah and many states across the United States are in a state of limbo as challenges to same-sex marriage laws and constitutional changes work their way through the legal system. Outside observers and those with a personal stake in the case's outcome may be feeling an ever growing sense of confusion as to what all the rulings, stays and appeals really mean and when the case will finally be over and done with for good.

Group seeks to help parents cope with adopted children's needs

Adoption has been an integral part of U.S. society for generations. While the methods, use and purpose of adoption have not always been in the best interest of the children or the communities they are taken from, adoption is looked upon as a positive overall. For many the adoption story stops once everything is legally done and the child is at home with their new parents. But for those working to create a new family with their adopted child and the children themselves going home for the first time is just the beginning of a new journey which, unfortunately, sometimes ends prematurely.

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