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Domestic partners hoping to marry supported by ACLU

A growing number of people in Salt Lake City are having family law issues with the concept of same sex marriage. Family law is in flux as an increasing amount of couples seek to have their union legally recognized. The various challenges to the law claiming that people of the same sex cannot be legally wed is sparking different opinions and reactions to the hot button issue.

Appeals court panel rules against stay in same-sex marriage case

Family law affects nearly every person that lives on United States soil and even citizens abroad. These laws govern everything from the rights and duties parents and children owe to each other to the very definition of what is considered a family. As society changes, the laws which governs it must change to maintain the rule of law. Unfortunately for some, like most legal processes, the journey to successfully changing a family law can be a long and arduous task, sometimes spanning decades and using thousands of man hours.

Collaborative divorce another option for Utah divorcees

Divorce has a reputation for being emotionally, financially, and in some cases physically difficult. While much of this has to do with the feelings with which couples are dealing during the course of a divorce, a good portion of the blame may lay with the divorce system. Modern divorce is commonly thought of as an adversarial process, made all the more so when parties hire attorneys for the purpose of taking revenge on their behalf. Flaws in the current divorce model have prompted some states to adopt a different type of divorce procedure.

Local and national leader in adoptions closing its doors

Adoption is a process that has been around in one form or another for centuries. In the United States, adoption has long filled the need of connecting children without families with families looking to share their love. Like any field, there are organizations that play a more dominate role than others and in the world of adoption LDS Family Services is a powerhouse. But that is changing as LDS recently announced that it will no longer handle adoptions.

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