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Judges eye changes to open court rule as critics cry foul

Family law matters have always been held with special regard in United States courtrooms. This has resulted in family law cases involving minors being sealed from the public and even closed door hearings in many cases. Part of the aim has been to protect the privacy and dignity of individuals who may be working through one of the most difficult times of their lives. In today's current world of reality judge shows and televised high-publicity trials, more courts are starting to reevaluate and soften their prohibition on cameras and other recording devices in court. However, for some, the type of change that the judges have implemented is just the beginning.

Father's seek change in child custody laws nationwide

The United States has a mixed record when it comes to the rights of fathers seeking joint or full custody of their children. For over the past century, courts, judges and attorneys have all held a bias in favor of woman being the primary care givers for children. This bias eventually turned into the tender years doctrine, which is still unofficially used in courts today as a reason for giving mother primary custody of younger children. As society changed so did fathers and now many are becoming more vocal about their demands for equal access and rights to their children.

Battle over right to marry continues in federal appeals court

The right to marry has been fought at various times during the course of U.S. history. Decades ago it was African-Americans who pushed for the right to marry whomever they wished, regardless of skin color. Today, a similar battle is being fought by those who wish to marry who they want regardless of gender. As the number of states legalizing same-sex marriage increases and the number of courts striking down anti same-sex marriage legislation continues, it is may be only a matter of time before the issue resolves and becomes a part of history. For the time being however, the struggle continues in Utah.

States removing children when parents suffer a mental break

Those who have suffered a mental break, whether short or long-term, are treated with a mix of fear, distrust and hostility in some cases. Whether due to ignorance or willful malice, such treatment has an effect on not only those who are working to get better, but on all those who love and care for them. The stigma surrounding mental illness creates an environment in which families can be torn apart and individuals stripped of rights all under the guise of a helping hand.

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