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Judge orders Utah to recognize certain same-sex marriages

For over the last decade, states and the federal government have played a tug-of-war game with those fighting for the right of same-sex marriage. With publicity, shifts in the public's perception of same-sex marriage and countless lawsuits, the trend is slowly changing in favor of same-sex marriage. While the change is ongoing, tens of thousands of couples are left in legal limbo while waiting for the decision of judge after judge as the cases make their way through and up the legal system. Married and dating same-sex couples in Utah now have a new reason to hope after a federal judge's recent ruling.

Research shows gender equality in custody disputes increasing

Some perceptions are wrong and facts will wash away the illusions that people's minds create, but other times, perceptions are true and must be tackled head-on. Since its creation, there has been a perception that family law courts hold mothers in higher regard than fathers when it comes to parenting children. This perception may be more fact than myth for unwed fathers who are seeking to play a meaningful role in their children's lives. Current reports of fathers suing Utah for the right to raise their children only serves to reinforce these long-held beliefs.

Embryo adoption becoming more popular despite lack of regulation

There are many reasons to adopt a child; some do it because they are unable to conceive a child on their own while some want to expand their family and some just want to give a home to someone less fortunate than themselves. After making the choice to adopt come the decisions regarding the type of adoption, the ethnicity, race, gender, age and even nationality of the child. One of the newer and barely regulated forms of adoption is starting to gain prominence in the United States.

Utah Supreme Court may have say in same sex marriage case

The United States is going through a change. Institutions that have been in place for decades are being questioned, actively fought and changed. This fight has been carried out in people's homes, the streets, the ballot and the court. While the changes might be indicative of a larger change in the United States for some, it is more personal for others - and the effects are more important to their daily lives.

Man who won three year fight for custody still fighting

Children are one of the great joys of life. There have been and will continue to be parents who give up everything for the benefit of their children. This system works well as long as the parents are linked as a team; problems can arise when parents separate and form their own households. Many parents are able to resolve their differences without the help of a court but some disagree so fundamentally that a judge's decision is the only way custody can be determined.

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