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Utah one of few states making divorce harder

Marriage has long been held as the cornerstone of American values. In the past, marriage was held with such high regard that divorce was a near impossibility. Just a hundred years ago, ending a marriage was much like a criminal trial. There had to be evidence of an act such as abuse or adultery in order for a couple to divorce and they were usually granted only after great difficulty. With the creation of no-fault divorce, spouses were able to dissolve their marriage for a wide range of reason with little difficulty.

Utah looks to stop adoptions by married same-sex couples

Adoption may mean different things to each party involved. For some, it may simply mean bringing a child into their home to make their family complete. Others see adoption as a chance to connect people who may one day grow to become families. For the children, it is often a chance to love and be loved by parents they might not have had otherwise. As Utah has found out over the past several months, even a system full of hope and love can be used to crush the dreams of many, from fathers seeking to raise their children to same-sex couples seeking to make their family whole.

Adoptions laws set to change as Governor signs new law

There are cases where adoption is the best solution for all parties involved. Then there are cases where adoption only serves to benefit one or more of the parties involved. And then there are adoptions that do more harm than good to those involved. Typically these are adoptions carried out over the objections of one of the parents or the child's family members who are seeking custody. Although the American legal system is far from perfect, it does have the ability to make changes and corrections.

Judge reverses divorcing spouse's medical decision for husband

Many people who get married do not realize the full extent of the benefits and rights such a union creates. Without a document stating otherwise, a spouse is the first stop for decisions concerning the health and safety of an incapacitated spouse. This dynamic can change dramatically when one or both parties are contemplating a divorce and what was once a safety net can become a liability.

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