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International adoptions at lowest levels in two decades

International adoption, while not perfect, has turned many young children's horror stories into distant memories. Unfortunately, the number of international adoptions has decreased as some governments play political games and other seeks to stamp out corruption in their adoption process.

Lawmakers trying to make pornography a custody issue

Even though family law has come a long way since its creation, it is still evolving to fit within the continuing changing society it's meant to regulate. A hundred years ago, divorces were almost impossible to get, and those who went through with one were treated like lepers. Skip forward a hundred years and nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. It was once acceptable to declare women better parents, giving them custody in the majority of cases, but today many states have moved toward joint custody as the default and ideal arrangement for separated families.

Utah's Supreme Court hears forum shopping adoption case

Adoption law varies from state to state to such a degree that prospective mothers will sometimes engage in forum shopping to assure their child is adopted even if it is against the wishes of the child's father. Over the last year, Utah has continued to be in the spotlight due to an interesting case involving competing state laws on adoption.

Divorcing early could affect social security benefits

Divorcing after the age of 55 creates unique issues which should be accounted for prior to finalizing a divorce. Unlike their 30-something counterparts, older couples do not have decades to replenish retirement and bank accounts after a divorce. Because they are at what is supposed to be the end of their working careers, serious consideration should be given to their current and future financial situation before proceeding with a divorce. One key area of benefits that is affected by the length of a marriage is social security benefits.

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