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Utah to add extra hurdle for divorcing couples with children

Often, it is the children who suffer the most in instances of divorce. Whether it comes from the financial impact divorce has on most families, the antagonistic atmosphere created by the divorce or parents using them as bargaining tools, it can leave a lifelong mark on the child. States have long recognized the importance of maintaining a healthy environment for children regardless of the marital status of their parents. This concern has spurred laws, which require spouses with children to attend special classes before their divorce will be granted. With divorce rates still hovering around 50%, some legislators think more should be done.

Utah takes step forward toward equality in adoption

Utah has recently been on the receiving end of bad press for its adoption laws and their implementation. Some legislators believe that the state is becoming known for being a place where it is difficult for some putative fathers to avoid being shut out of their children's lives. Those that adhere to this belief are attempting to change the law.

Federal government to recognize all same-sex marriages

The United States is unique around the world for a multitude of reasons. One such reason is the interplay between state and federal governments. Although federal law trumps state law in almost every situation where the two conflict, there are gray areas of the law that lead to confusing and sometimes disastrous situations. Sometimes state law will take precedence over federal law, such as is the case with the legalization of marijuana, but in other cases the federal law will trump the states on an issue.

Same-sex couples married in Utah sue for rights

Utah is increasing being dragged into the spotlight for the family law policies enacted by the state over the last couple of decades. Abuse of the seemingly badly written laws has led fathers to sue Utah over having their children adopted away and same-sex couples suing to have their rights recognized by the state. As long as the agents of change continue to fight for what they believe to be right, Utah will continue to be a battleground for those seeking a more level playing field.

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