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Twelve men file lawsuit against Utah over adoption

Laws are written by men and as such are imperfect in purpose, creation, execution, and enforcement. When a loophole or other mistake is found in a law, individuals can use the system for their own benefit. This can apply to anything from criminal prosecution to a payday loan. Many times the benefit provided to one party is at the detriment of another party. This injustice can render the victim hopeless, especially when the perpetrators are protected by the system the victims are attempting to use to find justice.

New law takes aim at international adoptions

Adoption is a time when a loving family seeks to share some of their love with a child. After an adoption has been completed those children are legally under the protection and supervision of the adopting parents. For some families this is a perfect arrangement and a welcomed addition to the family. In other cases, the child or the family may be put in a position they were not prepared for, nor ever expected. This has resulted in many tragic stories associated with adoption, especially for those families involved in international adoption.

Friend's adoption and co-parenting approved by court

Adoption is usually reserved for those parents who meet a stringent set of criteria set forth by laws and the court. These criteria have been used for generations to ensure an adoption is in the best interests of the child. In the past, and in rare instances today, certain people used the criterion as a means to prevent minorities and interracial couples from adopting children. Today the focus has shifted to whether or not same-sex couples should be able to adopt children. But novel interpretations of existing laws are now opening the doors for new types of families.

Court places temporary hold on Utah same-sex marriage ruling

The United States Supreme Court is in many ways the last word on a legal issue. Since its creation the Court has made a number of historic decisions that have had a lasting effect on the daily lives of every person in the United States. The current family law issue on the minds of many American's is the status of same-sex marriage across the Nation. With the wide divide between states that allow for same-sex marriages and those that don't it will likely take a Supreme Court ruling to settle the matter once and for all.

Man files $130 million claim regarding son's adoption

Utah adoptions and the laws that allow them have increasingly come under fire, as more and more fathers go to the courts with seemingly legitimate claims of deception. Utah is one of a very few states whose laws are accused of protecting mothers who essentially perpetrate fraud, while creating myriad hurdles for biological fathers to vest their rights in their children. These laws and the adoption issues they create have brought to life horror stories of fathers who spend years in court attempting to gain custody.

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