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Ex-Husband seeks repayment of child support and assets

Child support is for the benefit of the child, yet it can be used as a tool of revenge in some cases. In those cases, the support is less about the children and more about the ex-spouses' feelings toward one another. Using child support and child custody as a means of getting back at a spouse can lead to years of legal battles and a strained relationship with the children caught in the middle.

A divorced couple from 2007 may find themselves back in front of a judge after the discovery of an investment allegedly worth millions of dollars. Since his divorce in 2007, a man has been paying over 2 thousand dollars a month in child support for his twin sons. The father alleges that the mother of his children secretly invested money in Twitter prior to their divorce papers being filed. Her investment was not listed among her assets at the time of their divorce, and may now be worth between 10-50 million dollars. The man is now asking for 30% of the investment and the return of 120,000 dollars in child support.

Like Utah, most states use a formula based on the income of the parties, who will have the child more of the time, healthcare, daycare, and other expenses to determine the amount of child support. Child support can be modified if there is a change in circumstances, such as the discovery of additional sources of income for a party. People thinking of divorcing, or who have a child with another person with whom they are no longer residing, should take steps to determine the specific law in their state, and identify the best ways to enforce their legal rights vis-à-vis child support.

Source: Daily News, "Twitter investor hid earnings from Brooklyn husband while seeking child support: suit," Barbara Ross and Corinne Lestch, November 27, 2013

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