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Federal judge ruling makes same-sex marriage in Utah legal

The world is changing every day. For some people, the changes are coming faster than they would like and for others they are not coming fast enough. Often change is effectuated after hard work, disappointments, and eventual victories. The changes that have occurred within the last several years will have lasting significance for the United States. And while they may not be remembered with such significance as the civil rights movement they are none the less important for those who have been striving for them all these years.

Victory in Utah for family battling anti-polygamy law

The institution of marriage has changed many times since its inception. The United States system of marriage and the laws enforcing it are mostly based on the puritan structure and belief system of marriage. Laws stemming from this belief are what have created the current exclusive legal reality of one man-one woman marriages in many states, including Utah. As the basis for these laws is challenged by individuals and groups who claim to be irreparably harmed by them, other commonly held concepts of marriage are being challenged by individuals who thrive outside of the traditional definition of marriage.

Couple faces criminal charges for returning adopted child

Adoption is a serious decision that will have long-lasting ramifications for all parties involved. Many hopeful couples seeking to adopt a child have likely created an unrealistic narrative in their head of their future child. Often times, these narratives overlook the emotion and sometimes physical trauma of the children whom they are seeking to adopt. This can leave parents wholly unequipped and unprepared for the host of problems that may arise with the newest addition to the family.

Ex-Husband seeks repayment of child support and assets

Child support is for the benefit of the child, yet it can be used as a tool of revenge in some cases. In those cases, the support is less about the children and more about the ex-spouses' feelings toward one another. Using child support and child custody as a means of getting back at a spouse can lead to years of legal battles and a strained relationship with the children caught in the middle.

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