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Music producer million dollars behind in child support

Child support has long been a controversial part of family law. Very rarely is anyone happy with child support payments. Those who pay are likely to feel they pay too much or shouldn't have to pay at all, while those receiving believe it is too little if they receive payments at all. Antiquated child support formulas and ideas regarding men's ability to properly care for their children can be blamed for a majority of child support issues.

Stevie J, a newly popular reality star and music producer, is back in court with the mother of his children for child support. The couple, who were never married, has two high school aged children between them. This new court hearing is the third dealing with child support as the producer has allegedly tried twice before to legally end his child support obligations. According to his children's mother the producer has missed 168 child support payments, putting him at least $1.2 million behind in his child support obligations. Although she places most of the responsibility on Stevie, the mother also places responsibility with the officials responsible for enforcing child support orders.

In Utah, parents who are behind on their child support obligations may face severe penalties. Child support enforcement has a variety of penalties from removal of driving privileges and professional licenses to incarceration on a cash bond. All child support orders can be modified if there has been a change that warrants a modification.

Child support will likely always be necessary in some form or another to care for the children of this nation. Hopefully one day this can be accomplished without the intervention of the legal system.

Source: S2Smagazine, "Stevie J's babymama speaks on $1 million child support lawsuit," Sonya Eskridge, Nov. 5, 2013

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