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Colts owner's wife files for divorce after 33 years

Marriage is an unique institution. Like relationships in general, no two marriages are the same, and what works for one couple could spell the end of the marriage for another. The longer a marriage lasts, the harder a decision to divorce can be. Like marriage, for better or worse, no two divorces are the same.

Prenuptial agreements a popular tool for real property protection

Modern life can be enormously complicated, even for those who have little in the way of assets and simply seek a quiet life. Family law has become one of the cornerstones of American law as couples seek resolutions to problems both mundane and complex. With the divorce rate usually reported to be near 50 percent, love and marriage can further complicate an individual's already hectic life.

Music producer million dollars behind in child support

Child support has long been a controversial part of family law. Very rarely is anyone happy with child support payments. Those who pay are likely to feel they pay too much or shouldn't have to pay at all, while those receiving believe it is too little if they receive payments at all. Antiquated child support formulas and ideas regarding men's ability to properly care for their children can be blamed for a majority of child support issues.

Group wants laws to protect against growing trend of child trade

Adoption can be the greatest gift for a child and the family that accepts them into their home. While the fairytale ending is what everyone hopes for the reality is far less wonderful. Sometimes children are placed with families that use and abuse them in every possible way and other times families aren't able to deal or work with troubled children. The lack of blood relation and sense of actual family has led some adoptive parents down an unfortunate road.

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