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Kris and Bruce Jenner on verge of divorce

Divorce affects everyone in the United States. It does not matter whether the couple is rich, poor, old, or young there is always the possibility of divorce. There are televisions shows that do nothing else but showcase couples' divorces and new organizations that stay on top by reporting the intimate details of every celebrity divorce. In the U.S., divorce is as constant as marriage.

The matriarch of the Kardashian family and her husband, Bruce Jenner, might be headed for the divorce as rumors of their rocky relationship continue to leak. After months of dodging questions the couple has admitted to living separately and being happier because of it. While the couple still presents a united front, only after the cameras stop rolling will the public know if the divorce rumors are true. Family members have reportedly pointed to the end of the current season of the Kardashians as the starting point of the divorce proceeding. It is unknown if the couple has a prenuptial agreement to govern the distribution of their combined $100 million dollar fortune.

In Utah, couples can enter into a legal separation if they are married and have lived in the state for at least 90 days. A legal separation allows the couple to maintain separate households while they decide if they wish to file for divorce. A normal separation order last for a year and will cover issues such as spousal support, child custody, and division of property. If a party decides to divorce while still under a separation agreement the agreement stays in place until the divorce is finalized.

While it is unfortunate that the joys of marriage sometimes end in divorce some people work better as friends or acquaintances than as a couple.

Source: Guardian Express, "Bruce and Kris Jenner to Get a Divorce?," Douglass Cobb, October 6, 2013

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