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Adopting parents turn to fundraising for children

Our country has one of the most robust adoption systems in the world. However, couples here in Utah looking to adopt are often surprised by what can be the high cost of adoption.

The average cost of an adoption in the United States can range from $30,000- to $40,000. The final number can includes agency fees, court cost, and everything else associated to get children into their new home. Along with a period of wait time, the cost of adoption can prove a challenge for some Utah families seeking their first child or to add to their family.

However, some couples are finding unique ways of raising the money to cover adoption cost by turning to fundraising and donations. For example, people have used efforts such as yard sales, proms and benefit concerts. One woman even used a fundraising website aimed at raising money for adoption and fertility campaigns to raise the remaining money necessary to adopt a child. While some may be concerned at the prospect of parents wanting a child needing help paying for the cost, it should be noted that the associated fees exceed many American's yearly income.

There are several ways of adopting a child here in Utah, with not all reaching the heights of funds noted above. While going through a private agency that has access to children internationally is a viable method, there are many more local and less costly means of adoption. Utah offers two ways to adopt a child through foster care. The first is to adopt a foster child who has already been approved for adoption, while the other is to foster a child for a period, then adopt that child.

In addition, adoption can be used for a wide range of situations from stepparents adopting their spouse's child to the single person who wants to share their love and prosperity with another. Whatever the reason, the process of adoption can be daunting without the guidance and counsel of an experienced professional.

Source: Salt Lake Tribune, "Utah couples adopting children turn to fundraising campaigns," Brook Adams, July 29, 2013

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