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17 year divorce battle draws ire and criticism of judges

Celebrities are well known for getting married only to file for divorce weeks later. Some observers have even created a ranking system for stars with the shortest marriages or stars whose divorces took longer than their marriage lasted. While the spotlight shines brightly on celebrities, there are less famous couples whose own records can put the most outrageous celebrity divorce to shame.

Former NFL star faces federal court over child support payments

In the United States, there are billions of dollars owed in child support to primary custodians, as well as to the federal government for public assistance drawn for children who failed to receive support payments. The reasons behind this huge debt ranges from illogical child support calculators ordering parents, mostly men, to pay upwards of 40 percent of their after tax salaries to those who just flat out refuse to pay even if they have the money to pay. The phenomenon has become so wide-spread that terms like dead-beat dads have been used in both political and legal arenas.

Father continues fight for custody of daughter

It seems like an increasing number of cases where fathers are seeking joint or full custody of their children are being reported in the news. As fathers around the country continue to mobilize and fight in court for their parental rights, states are changing old laws and adopting new ones. The changes to custody and adoption laws are being made to address the common notion that courts favor women in any dispute involving children.

Fights over money are a predictor a marriage is in trouble

Unfortunately, in the United States marriage and divorce go hand in hand. As individuals become more self-sufficient they seem less likely to fight for their marriage and more likely to end it once problems occur. Divorce rates are near an all time high as almost half of all marriages end in divorce. While divorce serves as a popular method of dealing with, or as some might say avoiding, marital issues it is not the outcome couples have in mind when they exchange vows and say I do.

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