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Charlie Sheen seeks court order to stop child support payments

One of the all time most contested issues in a divorce or custody dispute is the issue of child support. With state child support statutes written as they are, most cases only involve standardized child support formula calculations. This determines how much support and to which parent rather than finding out the actual measurements of need for the child. Because it is often true that a parent will not maintain the same income throughout the support arrangement, alterations can be done.

Charlie Sheen has twin sons from his former marriage to Brooke Mueller. The former "Two and a Half Man" star is asking the court for a child support modification to the required monthly payment of $55,000 he currently paying his ex. Although the star makes over $700,000 a month, he is seeking to have his support cut because the twins are not longer in their mother's care.

The request came after the twin boys were removed from their mother's home and placed in the care of another one of Sheen's ex wives. The removal was done by the Department of Children and Family Services after Mueller was found to be using drugs and entered rehab. The home she shares with her children and other associated costs are paid for by Sheen.

Child support modifications can be requested for a variety of reason. In Utah there are several situations in which a prior child support agreement can be modified. A motion or petition to modify must come three or more years after an order was entered unless there is a material change in custody or other factors. After three years, a change can be requested if there is a 10% change in the amount ordered and the difference is not temporary.

Child support is for the benefit of the child, yet there are situations where the amount of support paid can be excessive or unnecessary. Those wishing to change child support obligations should seek advice from a qualified professional in order to better understand their options and make a knowledgeable decision.

Source: Daily news, "Charlie Sheen makes legal move to stop paying ex Brooke Mueller $55K a month in child support," Nancy Dillon, July 11, 2013

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