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Judge orders child returned to Sweden in custody case

Child custody disputes are one of the top three most contested issues during a divorce. In the United States the laws on custody have changed over the decades as the home lives of families have changed. Custody laws vary by state, but maintain a base standard of putting the child's best interest first. However, which laws govern the child and the parent's rights in international cases?

Charlie Sheen seeks court order to stop child support payments

One of the all time most contested issues in a divorce or custody dispute is the issue of child support. With state child support statutes written as they are, most cases only involve standardized child support formula calculations. This determines how much support and to which parent rather than finding out the actual measurements of need for the child. Because it is often true that a parent will not maintain the same income throughout the support arrangement, alterations can be done.

New Supreme Court ruling poses complex family law issues

Law in the United States is made up of a unique interplay between federal law and state law. The federal government has what many consider a wide berth to create and enforce laws that affect the daily lives of states citizens. One the other hand, states hold all other powers not given to the federal government and are sovereign, which can led to laws that are out of line with federal laws and even other state laws.

Court rules against father in Native American adoption case

Courts have long grappled with the best interests of the child standard that is generally followed in family law cases. As the times change, so changes the implications of that standard. Just a decade ago child custody was almost exclusively given to mothers. Today, courts are accepting and internalizing the importance of fathers and the positive effect of joint custody parenting on the children. As family laws changes and develops, another issue has recently made its way to the forefront of the legal world.

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