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Unwed dad's rights left unprotected as lawmakers ponder solutions

Adoptions are routinely carried out without the notice or permission of the biological father. Unwed fathers face an uphill battle when attempting to gain their parental rights in court. States vary widely on their requirements for what a father must do to protect their rights with some states mandating not only filing but also court action and other states requiring no action need be taken at all. Some are pushing for a national putative father registry as a way to help alleviate confusion and abuse.

Legislator eyes new law to protect children

The loss of a parent is a life changing moment in the lives of many people. This can happen when one parents gets full custody and shuts the other out ignoring the legal consequences. When a parent is killed in a violent crime the loss can be all the more profound especially if the alleged killer is the remaining parent. In these situations keeping the children with their remaining parent may not be in their best interest.

Non-traditional relationship get legal status in Salt Lake County

Couples who love each other and live together may come up with many reasons for not getting married: prior debt, child support obligations, alimony, tax status, or just not being ready or legally able. With the high number of couples living together and not marrying, some states are amending their family law to accommodate the numerous people living as non-traditional couples.

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