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Former Iron Man star finalizes divorce

As Utah residents are all too familiar, thanks to the media, there are running tabs of the shortest celebrity marriages and the longest divorces. Marriage has become so fluid in the United States that there are those who support creating marriages that only last for an agreed amount of years before having to be mutually renewed. The constant stream of divorce cases being filed in courts across the country leave little doubt that the fundamentals of marriage have changed.

Actor Terrence Howard, former Iron Man star, likely breathed a sigh of relief recently once his publicly toxic divorce was finalized. The previously private and recently released divorce records show that the movie star was forced to part with little of his assets after the end of the marriage. The divorcing couple, who were married for little over a year, was in the public's eye as each hurled damaging accusations at the other. Howard's now ex-wife received an order for $5,800 a month in spousal support for three years and was able to keep some of the couple's vehicles.

Divorce records can be sealed by a court if they meet certain requirements. A sealed record is one that is physically sealed by the court and one which no one can view without a court record. More commonly records in Utah are made non-public by designating them private which means only the parties and a few others can see the files. Private designations can be important for divorces that involve sensitive personal or business information.

Spousal support, alimony, child custody and support are but a few of the issues that must be resolved before a divorce can be finalized. It is often one or more of these issues that can cause emotions to run high further complicating a divorce.

Source: Examiner "Terrence Howard divorce with Michelle Ghent is finalized: He scores big" JOLIE DU PRE May 10, 2013

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