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Divorced mother fights attempt to extradite children

Every nation has its own laws and methods of dealing with marriages that break down as well as those that dissolve and children are a product of that marriage. In the United States, that section of law is coined family law and involves everything from divorce to adoption. When dealing with the laws of other nations, U.S. courts must refer to treaties and other court cases to determine the legal relationship between the nations.

Former Iron Man star finalizes divorce

As Utah residents are all too familiar, thanks to the media, there are running tabs of the shortest celebrity marriages and the longest divorces. Marriage has become so fluid in the United States that there are those who support creating marriages that only last for an agreed amount of years before having to be mutually renewed. The constant stream of divorce cases being filed in courts across the country leave little doubt that the fundamentals of marriage have changed.

Grandmother fights for custody of grandson

It is commonly said that families are the cornerstone of America. Through families people learn their values, morals and hopefully experience unconditional love. There are many situations which can lead to a child being adopted by another family. Many factors determine where a child will end up, but the overall policy which governs the treatment of children is what is in their best interest. In making a "best interest" determination, courts have the potential of separating children from healthy, loving family members.

Does Utah treat moms better than dads in custody cases?

In the United States, and perhaps throughout the world, there is an unwritten sentiment that women are better parents than men. In the United States this is evident in some legal and social service systems, wherein women are often favored by courts on issues of child support and child custody, among others.

Millionaire looking to reduce socialite's child support payments

Many Salt Lake City residents know that alimony reform is gaining ground in the few states that have yet to change their older laws. Reform in another area commonly associated with divorce is increasing daily. Child support, while one of the most important institutions for children, is also one of the most devastating for thousands if not millions of parents across the United States. Like older alimony laws, current child support guidelines adversely affect many payers to the point where they have no income to sustain themselves. Some have even found ways to abuse the institutionalized child support calculator used by many states, when determining child support.

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