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How does the use of social media affect Utah divorces?

The world's fascination with technology has only grown with the increased use of the internet and, more recently, instant and continuous social media. While no doubt these developments can help foster relationships and build family life here in Utah, social media has had an interesting relationship with the legal nature of divorce.

Supreme Court to hear American Indian adoption case

Adoptions are a time of joy for many families. Couples who were unable to conceive or who just decide that want to bring the joys of a family to a child already here fill adoption agencies. As with any man-made system there are flaws and loopholes that people take advantage of for their own purposes. These failures can have large impacts as they may negatively affect multiple families and children.

Transgender man denied divorce in Arizona

The United States is in a period of change. This change will affect the rights of millions who are seeking the right to marry and divorce. Regardless of an individual's personal opinions, the sheer incongruity of current state laws results in real world challenges for those who seek to have them changed and the children for which they are responsible.

Utah Supreme Court addresses man's adoption fight

For many parents the birth of their child is the happiest moment in their life. It represents the culmination of all their dreams and hopes for a family. When the birth parents are not married or divorced, that joy can be replaced with fight after fight over child custody. In some very unfortunate cases, women and the state have used adoption to effectively strip fathers of their parental rights. The mothers do this with little to no legal consequences.

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