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Senators ponder new ways of collecting child support

Recent reports on the state of child support throughout the country show that billions of dollars are owed to the government and parents. As a society our thinking has usually been focused on punishing those who are behind on their child support payments. These attempts to force payment revolved around taking a person's freedom, professional licenses or driver's licenses. All of these methods can almost be considered failures, judging by the amount of child support owed nationwide.

Proposed law bans rapists from obtaining child custody

Rape is one of the most reviled acts that a person can commit in the United States. The act is such that the victim of the crime is likely to remember it for the rest of their lives. When the act results in the birth of a child the victim, a woman in most cases, could be potentially tied to her attacker through a court-ordered child custody arrangement. Besides placing the child in potentially dangerous environment, this can result in continued harassment of a woman at the hands of her attacker.

Change in law offers new child custody rights

In most areas it proves true that the law evolves as society changes. The laws in many states regarding child custody arrangements were made for a society which changed decades ago. The pervasive view in courts and society that women are the ideal caretakers for children is slowly changing as fathers continue to fight for more time with their children.

Bill imposes sanctions for adoption fraud

Adoption is a unique way of finding good homes for children who otherwise might be left to fend for themselves. The children who are placed for adoption come from all walks of life; some are there because the state voided their parent's parental rights others are there because their parent or parents voluntarily placed them there. The decision to place a child up for adoption is a difficult one and as more and more cases are showing in Utah the decision isn't always legally made with both parents consent.

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