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Utah adoption agency under scrutiny

The process of adoption can be a long, emotionally and financially taxing situation for many families. The end result of the strenuous adoption process, a loving child, is what many believe makes it all worth it. One adoption agency in Utah is facing multiple lawsuits from families who are now out tens of thousands of dollars after failed adoptions.

The Adoption Center of Choice, which is an American Fork agency, is facing lawsuits from several families, as well as a law firm, for a myriad of reasons. One family is suing the center for handling their adoption both negligently and recklessly after paying tens of thousands of dollars in fees only to find the birth mother was never actually pregnant.

Another couple reportedly paid the agency $41,000 for twins, but the birth mother changed her mind hours after having the babies. The couple was promised another set of twins by the agency, another deal that never came to fruition. The agency refunded $20,000 but refused to repay the full amount, as the owner claims there is no more money to give.

These cases serve as a cautionary tale to couples looking into adoption, reminding them to not be rushed through the process out of their excitement for a child. Any contracts, from third-parties, agencies and agreements to pay medical or other expenses, should be carefully reviewed by adoptive families and an experienced lawyer in face to face meetings.

Many of the families involved in lawsuits against the Adoption Center of Choice say they aren't upset over the loss of money, but the emotional turmoil they were put through. These families spoke out against this agency in hopes that other perspective adoptive parents never have to experience the same situation.

Source:, "Utah adoption agency accused of leaving trail of broken dreams, emptied wallets," Brooke Adams, Jan. 15, 2013

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