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Man ordered by judge to stop having children

As Utah residents know, courts deal with issues surrounding children every day. In civil court, many of the cases are likely to involve either child custody or child support. In a divorce proceeding, child support issues are likely to be highly contested as one parent usually feels negatively toward making such payments. With billions of dollars in back child support owed to parents, judges, prosecutors and case workers are looking for better methods to collect.

A judge has issued a unique sentence for a man who owes almost $100,000 in back child support to his four children. The judge ordered the man to not have children for the next five years while he is on probation. The order would be lifted if he could show the court he is supporting his current children and has the ability to continue to support them and any additional children. The judge in this case describes his decision as a "matter of common sense and personal responsibility."

A case like this may strike a chord with a custodial parent who is having difficulty with child support enforcement. Monthly payments for child support are meant to provide for the everyday expenses of raising a child. While a child support modification may possible when financial circumstances change, parents who rack up delinquent payments face penalties such as license suspension and jail, or even more creative punishments as in the case above.

For custodial parents seeking payments, an experienced family law attorney can help them find a way to ensure that their children receive the support they deserve.

Source: Chronicle Online, "Judge tells man who owes nearly $100K in child support to stop having children," Brad Dicken, Jan. 24, 2013

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