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Man ordered by judge to stop having children

As Utah residents know, courts deal with issues surrounding children every day. In civil court, many of the cases are likely to involve either child custody or child support. In a divorce proceeding, child support issues are likely to be highly contested as one parent usually feels negatively toward making such payments. With billions of dollars in back child support owed to parents, judges, prosecutors and case workers are looking for better methods to collect.

Dad must wait to gain custody of daughter

Child custody is often a very sensitive subject for parents. Those parents involved in a child custody dispute can speak to the emotional and financial toll such an undertaking can cause. Even so, there are few parents who gain custody of their child who regret fighting through the process.

Utah adoption agency under scrutiny

The process of adoption can be a long, emotionally and financially taxing situation for many families. The end result of the strenuous adoption process, a loving child, is what many believe makes it all worth it. One adoption agency in Utah is facing multiple lawsuits from families who are now out tens of thousands of dollars after failed adoptions.

Adopted Russian girl moves to Utah

Many of our Utah readers may be aware of the recent ban Russian President Vladimir Putin put on adoption of Russian children by American citizens. The signing of this bill hit particularly close to home for one Utah family. Just days before the bill was signed in Russia, this family was able to finalize the adoption a 4-year-old Russian girl with Down syndrome.

Utah offers free divorce education classes for kids

When the topic of divorce comes into play for any family in Utah, the decision for two married people to go their separate ways can have an effect on a number of people. Of all those affected, children are often considered the most vulnerable. Although a divorce does not mean the loss of any one parent, it can often lead to a change in roles as well as the possibility of a change in behavior on both the part of the parents and the children.

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