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Online adoption, gaining popularity

In today's society, social media and the internet play a large role in people's lives, now even more so in people's family lives. As some of our Utah readers may be familiar with, adoption can be a lengthy, frustrating process, but some internet sites are saying that doesn't have to be the case anymore.

Some people have experienced adoption waiting-lists of longer than three years, but now, with this new idea of online adoption couples can have their new child within just six to nine months. Some groups view this short wait period and new technology as an unethical way to carry out an adoption, while others couldn't be happier for the speedy process.

With this new idea of internet adoption, the couple looking for a child is able to make a personal profile, very similar to any other social media site, geared towards mothers. Likewise, the woman looking for parents for her child is able to customize her search to fit the terms of adoption she is looking for.

While many of these adoption agencies on the internet are fully licensed, some are not. Specialists urge prospective parents, and mothers looking into giving their baby up, to look deeply into the legality behind the site they choose.

One couple referred to making their online adoption profile as a marketing campaign to sell themselves to women looking for adoptive parents for their child. Do you think that this could be a good thing in the way that it speeds up adoptions, or is this simply unethical?

Source:, "Finding A Child Online: How The Web is Transforming Adoption," Jennifer Ludden, Dec. 13, 2012

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