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December 2012 Archives

Online adoption, gaining popularity

In today's society, social media and the internet play a large role in people's lives, now even more so in people's family lives. As some of our Utah readers may be familiar with, adoption can be a lengthy, frustrating process, but some internet sites are saying that doesn't have to be the case anymore.

No excuse for not paying alimony

As our Utah readers may know, divorce and everything that comes along with it can sometimes be a messy situation. A Maryland man found out last month that no matter how unorthodox of a marriage ceremony you participate in, you can't escape alimony and other court proceedings in the event of a divorce.

Utah father reunited with child after adoption debacle

A father is seeking physical custody within 60 days of his daughter this week, as he has already won the court case. The 31-year-old man and his then-wife were reportedly having marital issues before the baby was due, something that ended up in a tangle of miscommunications which resulted in his ex contacting an adoption agency.

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