Guidance Regarding Your Modification And Enforcement Options

Life situations change at an alarming rate. At the office of Stephen J. Buhler, Attorney at Law, in Salt Lake City, Utah, I help individuals and families modify existing divorce decrees, primarily in three key areas:

  • Child custody Daily schedules change not only for parents, but also for children, too, as they grow older.
  • Child support An income change from loss of a job, disability or a promotion may be significant enough to warrant a modification in the amount of child support.
  • Child relocation Moving for jobs or other reasons is part of life; it requires modifications to child custody plans.

Make Sure Changes Are Backed By Legal Documents

Divorced parents often work things out verbally, but verbal agreements are not legally binding. Obtaining court recognition of a divorce modification is a means of protecting yourself. A modification that has been only verbally agreed upon can suddenly be rescinded by an upset parent. I take the steps necessary to formally modify agreements regarding relocation, child custody issues, parenting plans, spousal support, child support or other family law modifications.

When considering a modification to an existing court order, it's important to remember that the court always gives priority to what is in the best interests of the child. Even if you and your former spouse have agreed on a modification, you have to establish its advisability in the mind of the court.

Child Support Enforcement

In other instances, a parent does not follow through with obligations spelled out in the divorce decree. It may be a matter of failure to pay child support or not adhering to visitation rules.

Our firm aims to relieve the stress caused by this situation by taking steps to enforce court orders as quickly as possible.

We Advocate For Or Defend Against Modification Requests

Don't put up with court orders that are being ignored or postpone getting court approval for divorce modifications. We offer a free consultation in which we can answer your questions and begin the steps to rectify the situation. Call 801-996-4193 or email us to schedule an appointment at our Salt Lake City office.