Our Family Law Practice

Deciding to end a marriage is never easy. Once the decision has been made, however, most people want to move through the process as quickly as possible.

From the office of Stephen J. Buhler, Attorney at Law, I provide efficient and effective legal representation on a full range of family law matters. Whenever possible, I help my clients complete the divorce process without litigating. This reduces the stress involved and allows my clients to have more control over important decisions such as child custody and visitation plans.

You Should Have A Say In Your Divorce

The divorce decree will dictate the terms of your divorce and how you will live the next stage of your life. It dictates everything from how much time you will have with your kids to how much money you can expect to receive or pay for child support and/or spousal support. These decisions are too important to hand over to an inexperienced lawyer or to try to do it yourself.

Learn What You Can Accomplish Through Mediation

Often, divorcing couples reach agreement on most or all of the decisions that need to be made through mediation. In mediation, the parties meet with a neutral third party to work through disputes. The goal is to avoid litigation, which can be costly and seem endless.

If you have questions about mediation, uncontested divorce or other means of reducing the stress and cost of getting divorced, call 801-996-4193 to reach a Salt Lake City legal separation attorney who cares about his clients. You can also email us to schedule a free consultation.