Finding The Right Trust For Your Situation

A trust can be an excellent tool for customizing your estate plan. Because there are numerous kinds of trusts, it is important to establish one that meets your specific needs and those of your family.

At the Salt Lake City office of Stephen J. Buhler, Attorney at Law, we can help you explore your trust options and create a trust that is specifically designed to achieve your goals.

Discuss Your Trust Options With A Salt Lake Estate Planning Lawyer

In creating a trust, you provide specific instructions for a trustee to carry out. Those instructions typically involve the distribution of assets to one or more beneficiaries.

Trusts can be established and funded for any of the following purposes:

  • Avoidance or minimization of taxes, including passing assets to a spouse tax-free
  • Providing for a loved one with special needs while also ensuring that the loved one continues to receive government benefits
  • Ensuring the appropriate timing of gradual distributions to minor or adult beneficiaries
  • Protecting trust assets from beneficiaries' creditors
  • Contributing to a charitable organization while also minimizing or avoiding estate and gift taxes
  • Minimizing or avoiding the need for probate

Trusts can be revocable or irrevocable. We will listen to your goals and concerns, explain your options, and help you create a trust that fits your situation.

A Lawyer You Can Trust To Put You In The Right Trusts

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