Your Guide Through The Utah Probate Process

The sudden or expected loss of a loved one is something that impacts many Utah families each day. When this happens, there are many things that need to be addressed, including wrapping up of the loved one's estate.

Probate is the process of transferring the ownership of a person's assets after they pass away. At the Salt Lake City law office of Stephen J. Buhler, Attorney at Law, we offer skilled advice about dealing with the probate system, and can walk you through the process the entire way.

Experience You And Your Family Can Trust

Our lawyer, Stephen J. Buhler, has helped many families probate an estate. From the beginning until the very end, he is there to make sure that you have the dedicated assistance that you need to protect the estate, or your interests in the estate. Some of the issues we can assist with include:

  • Compiling the assets and debts that belonged to the deceased
  • Working with the estate administrator to ensure property is passed down accordingly
  • Helping you comply with all requirements of the probate court
  • Representing your interests or the interests of the estate in litigation arising under probate disputes

Our entire goal is to help you make it through this process efficiently, taking as little time as possible. We do everything that we can to make this a better experience for you and your family, and to eliminate conflicts that may develop regarding the distribution of assets.

We perform a thorough review of your situation to determine the best steps to take to accomplish your goals. There may be certain circumstances where it will not be necessary to take an estate through probate. We can sit down with you to determine if this is an option in your specific case.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

For compassionate representation throughout the probate process, call our office at 801-996-4193 or send us an email to arrange a time to speak to our lawyer. We offer free consultations to help you learn more about our services.