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A review of Utah's grounds for divorce

Any person who chooses to end their marriage may have their own rationale for why they believe that their life will be better as a single person. However, to secure a divorce, a person must alleged that their grounds for divorce fit into those accepted by the courts. In Utah, a person may base their divorce on one of two no fault grounds, or one of eight separate fault-based grounds.

Steps in the Utah divorce process

The decision to divorce can be an overwhelming one, as couples contemplate a different future than the one they may have planned. The family law process provides important resources to help divorcing couples navigate both their divorce and the future following divorce. The divorce process begins when the spouse petitioning for the divorce files the necessary documents to initiate the divorce process.

How is property divided in Utah?

Property division may be one of the most significant concerns a divorcing couple has. It can be helpful to understand it and have answers to important questions like what property will be divided. Utah follows equitable property division rules when dividing property during a couple's divorce. This means that the family law court will seek to divide marital property as fairly as possible.

Utah offers classes for kids to help them understand divorce

It is important to help children through the divorce process. Just like children, parents can benefit from understanding the divorce process and knowing what to expect from it. Demystifying the process and understanding it in advance can help avoid angry or confused feelings that can be a part of the process at times. In Utah, state courts are offering a class to help children ages 9 to 12 understand and cope with divorce.

Divorce can cause difficult financial situations

Without the right preparation, divorce can cause financial turmoil amongst newly single or soon-to-be single Utah residents. Even if you get along with your ex-spouse today, there is no guarantee that you will get along with them throughout the entire divorce. Experts have some suggestions for handling the various financial aspects of a divorce to ensure that your finances are protected during a sometimes long and complicated process.

Mistakes to avoid and tips to follow in a divorce later in life

Divorce can have a huge impact on your finances, especially if you are unprepared for what lies ahead. A study by Alianz Life found that over 60 percent of divorcees reported that their divorce caused serious financial issues in their newly single life. Many survey respondents said that their divorce was a wake-up call to get serious about finances.

TV host Aisha Tyler owes ex-husband millions in spousal support

When one spouse makes a significant amount of money while the other does not, spousal support may be awarded to the lesser-earning spouse upon the couple's divorce. Spousal support can be awarded to husbands and wives of all economic levels. The idea is to support the lesser earning spouse so they can maintain the lifestyle they became accustomed to during marriage.

Receiving spousal support after a divorce

The process of getting a divorce may be one of the most difficult times in your life. In addition to the emotional stress, you may be concerned with staying afloat financially, especially if you were not the "breadwinner" in your marriage. If you did not work outside the home during your marriage, it may be difficult to get back into the working world as a newly single person.

Janet Jackson's prenup could make her a lot of money

When one or both spouses has a significant number of assets, they may decide to sign a pre-nuptial agreement to protect themselves in case the marriage goes sour. A prenup can protect your assets and also protect you from taking on the debt of the other party. If the couple decides to divorce, a prenuptial agreement can save them from getting dragged into a long court battle.

Protecting your financial status during a divorce

Researchers in a number of states have found that March and August are peak times for divorce in the United States. The University of Washington reported that couples have a tendency to divorce when Christmas or summer vacations don't go as planned. If you and your spouse and planning to separate, you need to be aware of how a divorce can financially impact your life so that you can protect yourself as much as possible.

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