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Key points to remember about parenting time

After a Utah couple has chosen to end their relationship and move on, children can be a major concern. Sharing a child is a difficult situation when the parents are no longer together and the best interests of the child are paramount. There are certain points that the parents must bear in mind as the process moves forward.

How can I modify my child custody arrangement?

When you first get divorced in Utah, the court will likely approve a child custody plan to ensure that your children are properly taken care of. The plan will specify physical custody and legal custody issues so that both parents know where the child will stay primarily, and who will be able to be make various decisions regarding the child, such as decisions regarding schooling, activities and health care. The plan will specify parenting time, when and how often each parent will see the child and how the child will be transported from one parent to the other. A child support payment schedule will also be implemented.

Shared parenting may be advantageous to children of divorce

When parents go through a divorce, the children must be made a priority no matter how stressful things get. A large part of a Utah divorce agreement will have to do with determining who gets physical custody of the children and how much parenting time the other parent will receive. In the past, courts favored mothers to be the primary caretakers of the children, but nowadays joint physical custody is strongly encouraged so that both parents play an equal role in their children's upbringing.

How to co-parent after a divorce

Utah parents going through a divorce may find it difficult to come up with a parenting agreement both parents can agree on. The parenting agreement will specify decision-making, child support, custody and parenting time schedules. The better you and your ex-spouse are at co-parenting, the happier and healthier your children will be.

What custody options are available to parents in Utah?

When couples with children separate, determining child custody arrangements becomes their number one priority. In many cases, parents end up fighting over parenting time and need the courts to help them come up with a plan that is in the best interests of the child. The courts will focus on making sure that the child is well-cared for financially, physically and emotionally.

Child custody on weekends and weekdays for kids 5 to 18

A Utah couple ending a marriage is difficult enough before considering the children involved. This is particularly true when the children are of school age between 5 and 18. The state has taken steps with legislation to make certain that there are specific criteria in place regarding custody. The best interests of the child and the parents maintaining a relationship with children are of paramount importance, and this must be understood when the order is made.

What types of child custody arrangements are available?

Parenting is not always easy for Salt Lake City residents. There is no shortage of challenges facing parents today, even under the best of circumstances. These challenges can increase when the parents become involved in a custody dispute over the children.

Protecting the parental relationship in child custody disputes

When disputes arise between Salt Lake City residents, those involved in the dispute often want an effective resolution above all else. This is especially true when the dispute involves custodial or visitation rights between parents. Resolving these disputes is essential because the parent-child relationship can be at stake.

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