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What is separate maintenance to pay alimony in Utah?

Not all marriages that end in Utah do so with a couple deciding to get a formal legal divorce. Along with that, there are certain family legal issues that are applicable to different types of situations. For example, certain cases can allow a spouse to request that alimony, property division, health care, custody, support of children and other factors that would arise at the end of a marriage be ordered without an actual divorce filing. This petition is for separate maintenance.

Family law and dividing marital debts after a divorce

When a Utah couple chooses to end a marriage, there are multiple legal issues that will come to the forefront. One that often recedes into the background but is important in its own right is how debts that were accrued during the marriage will be divided. Even if the other spouse purchased the property, both parties might be viewed as responsible. Not understanding the intricacies of this aspect of the situation can lead to problems. This is true whether it is a high asset divorce or not and whether there is a dispute over property division or not.

Can an informal trial help settle family legal issues in Utah?

For people in Utah who are experiencing family legal issues related to child support, custody and visitation but do not yet want to move forward with a full and formal trial to settle them, an informal trial is an option to consider. Before moving forward with this procedure, however, it is smart to understand how the informal trial process works to see if it is the right choice. With a formal trial, the Rules of Evidence will take precedence. On the other hand, they do not with an informal trial.

Understanding a Utah administrative paternity order

As most parents can attest, life can bring with it some challenges. And some of these situations lead to legal conflicts. Utah parents that are dealing with family legal issues regarding the paternity of a child have to be aware of certain laws that are designed to help them resolve the case. When seeking to establish the legal father for the child, the Utah Administrative Procedures Act or UAPA can help toward this end.

Key financial considerations with family law and divorce in Utah

Utah couples that are divorcing inevitably face the emotional and personal issues that accompany this difficult decision. With that, it is possible that family legal issues, property division and other factors that might be in dispute will be shepherded to the background. This is a mistake that a vast proportion of people make. Finances should never be ignored during dissolution. There are certain aspects to take into consideration and account for, whether it is a high asset divorce or one of more modest means or whether it is a young couple, an older couple or one in between.

When alimony is at stake, are your interests protected?

In the wake of a divorce, Salt Lake City residents may experience a number of significant changes in their lives. Among other changes, individuals can find themselves facing new financial challenges as they try to meet their monthly expenses on one income instead of two.

What factors does a court consider in determining alimony?

Over the course of a marriage, Salt Lake City residents become used to a certain standard of living. This standard of living often rises over the years as both sides progress in their careers and become more financially stable. Accordingly, when the spouses decide to get a divorce, there are frequently issues about what standard of living will be enjoyed by the spouses after the divorce.

Celebrities are like us when it comes to divorce

Despite what some popular magazines may say, celebrities are not like Salt Lake City residents in many areas of life. There are some key similarities, however, when it comes to the legal system. Because the law applies equally to everyone, there are lessons that can be learned when celebrities go through a divorce.

The do's and don'ts of signing a prenuptial agreement

In many different areas of Salt Lake City residents' lives, it is not necessarily the destination that matters most, but the journey to get to that destination. This concept applies with equal force to certain legal issues, as the way in which a legal matter is handled can make all the difference.

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